Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 3 Assignment

Media Literacy in the First Grade
I have to start off saying, "WOW!" These are really first graders in this video and they are using blogs!!! How exciting! When I was in first grade, I did not even know what a computer was. It is truly amazing how much time has changed from then to now. I find it amusing that first graders are more technologically literate than most adults in today's world.
The children that were in the video were knowledgeable about the different topics and they explain what media literate meant. I enjoyed this video, I liked how they used different children to express different topics and how it related to today's world. It goes to show how much technology is changing and how we all need to adapt.

Little Kids... Big Potential
How amazing is it that children are learning via technology!! I enjoyed the part of the video about the children using the smart board, teachers that I am currently taking are scared of the smart board, and yet these children are using it as if it is nothing. How great is that!!! These children are using so many things such as wikis. The teachers that are including all this new technology are such an inspiration to me.
Not only is it keeping up with the time, it is helping children learn in a different approach. Of course, I enjoyed this video, I was impressed at the knowledge all these children had about the new technology such as Skype. I think if teachers now embraced this new change, then their students would actually want to come to school to learn. I know if I were still in elementary school and I had a class where we used Nintendo DS, I would absolutely love coming to class! Overall, I thought this video was inspiring! I want to be one of those teachers!!!

Smart Board Lessons
I thought this podcast was interesting. This is my first podcast that I have ever listened to, so of course this is new to me. I thought it was really awesome how technology has changed. I found it rather boring at first, but I am looking forward to listening to the other podcasts.

I liked the beginning of the podcast because it was upbeat and it kept me entertained. I found this podcast very informative. I thought he handled the different questions very well. I actually enjoyed listening to this podcast, I thought he help me, personally, with the basics of a podcast. I liked how he stated about "that the teachers need to be proactive." This is a very important goal for teachers to take.

I liked the introductions with this podcast because he answered some of my questions, amazingly. I really enjoyed listening to the other librarians with their insights on pod-casting. I liked the way he moved around the room to get to the other librarians about certain issues such as book talking. Some of the librarians talked about expanding their podcast to different cultures, such as the Spanish speaking students. Some teachers actually bought some ipod shuffles, how great is it that students can listen to pod casts on ipod shuffles.

I found it interesting that Robert actually interviewed Danielle and Marley about pod casting. It just goes to show, someone could use a podcast in various ways. This podcast was very informative. I liked that Danielle explained the social relationships through pod casting. Danielle even used Net Flicks as a teaching tools. I liked that fact that Robert explained micromanaging in classrooms; to sum it up he was talking about that a teacher needs to be in the classroom but to let the students do the work.

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  1. I was also amazed by the children in Media Literacy in the First Grade. When it was over the first thing that goes through your mind is are they really first graders? In the Kid Cast presentation I also liked it because it was entertaining. I enjoyed reading your blog.