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TTFN -- Ta Ta For Now --
I want to say goodbye to my fellow EDMers. I hope everyone has a great teaching career! I hope some day to meet again, either blogging or in person! Have a good one!!

Pod Cast

Jessica Eaton and I did a Podcast about the advantages and disadvantages of the iPad.

Click Here to Listen to our Podcast

Final Blog Assignment

Final Blog

Before I entered this class, I thought this class was going to "learn/use" the computer including such things as Microsoft. Seeing how I already knew how to "use" my computer and seeing how I already took a computer class prior, I was uninterested in this class. My expectations were this class was "bogus." I soon realized that EDM 310 was nothing of the sorts. I have learned so much in this class from Blogging to making movies. In fact, I am going to set up a blog for my job, CASA. Although, blogging was time consuming, I was intrigued by blogging.
I enjoyed using Google Docs. I didn't know Google Docs even existed! Google Docs is something that I will use in the future either as a teacher or in my current job. I didn't like Twitter at all. I found it very wasteful. I am just a Facebooker kinda gal! I enjoyed commenting on kids, classmates and teachers. My favorite was the comments for kids. I loved how I could comment on a child's blog and they could read it. I had one of my "comments for teachers" comment on my blog and I was totally psyched about it. I told my mom that a teacher actually commented on MY BLOG!!! Yeah, that's the school girl in me coming out!
I didn't really like the whole podcast thing, but I did like the video cast. I thought the video cast could be useful in the future. I look forward to incorporating video cast and blogging in my future classroom. I felt as if we had A LOT of assignments due, but at the same time I understand that we needed the assignments. I learned a lot about different resources, such as ALEX & ACCESS, and those will be useful as I become a future educator. iTunes & iTunes U were simply wonderful. I didn't know iTunes U even existed (once again). I think iTunes U will be a great resource as well.
I had a lot of problems with Google Earth, mainly trying to embed it into my blog but it finally worked. I showed my dad Google Earth, when I was working on it, and since then he has used it for business purposes. In general, I've learned so much in this class that I honestly had no idea was out there. I've learned how to edit pictures, blogs, Google (Earth, Docs, Gmail, etc.) and many more items. I feel that we should have learned more about Smartboards. I am completely in the "blue" about Smartboards.
I wish I didn't learn about Twitter. I do not like Twitter. I do not find the interest in Twitter. I was really uninterested in what Twitter is all about. I understand the importance of some of the information on Twitter but it is uninterested to me. I will forget Twitter because I did not enjoy it at all. If I wanted to read about different things posted through Twitter, I would use Google to search for that blog.
As I stated before, I thought this class was going to be bogus, but I really enjoyed my time in this class. I thought majority of the things I learned in this class were useful. I liked learning the different tools and techniques to use in the classroom. I am always looking for new ways to improve. I want to be a teacher that is "up" on technology and incorporating technology into the classroom setting. I hope the school world is ready!
There were things that I thought we intellectually challenging just because I had no idea what kind of technology was out there. I thought blogging was challenging but it is only because I was unsure that I wanted my opinions out for the whole entire world to read. But, that is over with now!
Boredom never came to mind while in this class. There is always something new Dr. Strange is talking about. I don't think that I would change anything in this course other than not requiring a student to use Twitter. I felt the workload was a lot but if you didn't procrastinate the work load wouldn't be so intimidating. I think I am technology literate in some degree. I do not know many things but it is encouraging to learn about the different technologies.
I want to continue learning about technology now, when I graduate and when I am a teacher. Learning is the only way to know the different technologies that is available, some for free, to us that no one may know what is there. Often the students know more than the teachers. The teachers just want to get by with the traditional way, well I have some news, the traditional way is good but learning different techniques (such as blogging) the children may benefit more! After all, it's all about the children.

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Personal Learning Network
As we close this semester, I've looked into Twitter a little more and Classroom 2.0. Some posts in classroom 2.0 was informative but I have to say that Twitter was not a personal favorite of mine. I do not have the time to read articles on line from what teachers post. I can see the advantage in Twitter and how it can be useful. But as for me, my Twitter account will be deleted. As for my classroom 2.0 account, I will continue learning the different quick ideas. Like I said before, I do not have time to read lengthy articles but I can quickly look at the posts. Thanks!

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Project 15 - Interview

I interviewed Jessica Eaton from our EDM 310 Class about the class and in particular about Blogging, Twitter and her favorite Assignments! I hope you enjoy the video!

Project 14

Jessica Eaton and I teamed up to work on our Substantive Presentation! We will show you about service volunteering!! Enjoy!

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Blog Post for April 25th, 2010

I loved how this 7th grader is using the internet for her own PLE. I am impressed at what this young 7th grade student is learning, when I am a Junior in college and I had no idea what other technology is out there. I plan to research this during the summer. How amazing!

Two questions that can change your life!
1) What's your sentence?
2) Was I better today than yesterday?

These two simple stated questions are two very intense questions to ask yourself. Everyday we wake up and we are faced with a challenge, whether its to get out of bed or stay in bed; or to face the day with a positive outlook or a negative outlook. I often reflect on my day and think about each situation and if I could have handled it differently. Most times, I could have caused myself less stress if I would have handle a situation better. But what are you to do? I believe that every day is what you make of it whether its happy or sad, it's what you make out of your day. Everyone needs a sentence to help "navigate" in life. I am not sure what my sentence is as of now, but I will know my sentence soon. I believe that everyday is better than yesterday because the following days you have time to reflect on what happened and how to resolve any conflicts and how to solve any situations better. Every day is a challenge, it's up to you to take the challenge or not.

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

Google Earth!

Project 8!

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Blog Post for April 18th, 2010

EDM 310
I have enjoyed my time in EDM 310. I learned so much from blogging to podcast. I really liked commenting on children's blogs. I find it so amazing that children from all over the world are using blogs to inform everyone about their classes, etc. I have to say, when I first registered for this class I was not expecting to learn anything and I thought that it was another "how to use a computer" class. Although, my expectations were totally wrong. I am glad I was finally able to use Skype. Since then, I have Skype on my phone, which I still haven't figured out yet, but when I do, you better believe that I will be using it! I have learned so much in this class its unbelievable! I have to admit that I feel that there are way too many assignments for a full time student and part time worker. But, I will get it all done! Overall, I learned many things that I will take with me in the future and I hope to engage students with technology such as blogging in the future.

Comments for Kids
This week I commented on Darius. Darius shared with us that he was in the first rugby game for the season! His team also won! How wonderful! He shared with us a video of some of the game! Although, I wish what rugby was it looked like it was a tough sport! :)
Click to see Darius' Blog

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Wordle: Elementary School">

Here is my wordle about Elementary School!!!

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Week 13 Blog Post

Comments for Kids
I commented on "Happy Easter" blog post. The children were on holiday they are going to start a new term on April 19th. They had photo's on the blog from Room Ten. I can't wait to see and read more about the upcoming term!
Dr. Seuss -- The Zax
I loved this video. It goes to show that being stubborn doesn't get you anywhere. Change is a good thing, we must accept change. Some teachers that I had in the past years have been stubborn and it seemed like they didn't care about the student's learning, which is a horrible thing those teachers need to get off their high horse and change. Change happens everywhere, get use to it.

Another PS 22 Video
WOW!! What a heartfelt video this was. The children sang "Landslide" by Fletwood Mac. I love this song!! It is important to publish blog post to the world because people can read and interprit their own meanings of each post. It also gives the bloggers a way to "vent" about issues in the world. It's a great way to spread the word about many issues. One example that I found is

Click Here

Another example is found here in this video
Click here to watch

Click Here
This video is one that we were assigned one week! I really enjoyed this video and thought that it would help with this assignment. It is important to blog for so many reasons. In the teachers' blog that I was assigned to for Weeks 13 & 14, she talked about how parents are commenting on their child's blog as well as other children's blogs. She talked about how the children enjoy writing now because they have an audience! I think this is the best tool for teachers now!

Comments for Teachers Part 3

I am reading Dorothy Burt for part 3 of comments for Teachers.

March 23rd, 2010 -- Parent's engage in children's learning
In this post Ms. Burt was discussing that parents are engaging in their children's, as well as other children, learning. She talked about how most of the families do not have access to the internet at their homes, but they use Facebook through libraries and internet cafe's. The families are commenting on the class/students' blogs. They held a meeting to teach parents how to comment on students' blogs and they had 96 parents come to the meeting! How great is that to hear that parents are aiding in their child's' education!

March 13th, 2010 -- Aviary added to Google apps for Education

In this post Ms. Burt discussed how Aviary is know an app. for education. She welcomes Aviary! Aviary will be an advantage to Manaiakalani schools!

March 10th, 2010 -- Transforming teaching by Broadband
In this post Ms. Burt discusses how technology is everywhere and how in many places they are having many new technology advantages. All around the world there are continuing telephones being met and new connections available. Not only can we use our fellow teachers we can use this new and improved form of learning such as Twitter.

To visit Ms. Burt's Blogs click here

The Wonderful world of Facebook Questionnaire

One of my assignments for my EDM 310 class was to design a form in Google Docs and send it to people and I must have 20 responses. Well, I have finally received 20 responses! I am all about some Facebook, I think it's a wonderful website to keep in touch with friends, family, teachers and co-workers. Although, I have to admit that I am addicted to Facebook. =) I asked several questions about Facebook such as "Do you have a Facebook?" 15 out of 20 people had a Facebook account. Which is not very surprising to me.
50% of the responders check Facebook less than one time a day. Which I am NOT one of those people, I check it constantly! 4 out of 20 people said they have 500+ friends on FB (Facebook). WOW!! Again, I'm right on up there! =) 19 out of 20 people said they have family members on FB. Majority of my family is on FB!
Out of 20 people, 4 people responded with FB is better than Twitter. I asked if they thought Dr. Strange should get a FB page and only 6 people responded with "nope"! 4:20 people think that FB is a waste of time! Overall, Facebook is well liked by college kids and many many more people.

Click Here to view my survey!

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Post for April 4th, 2010

Comments for Kids
This week I left a comment for Sione. This was his first blog of the year! He did a mihi in Maori. This is a formal greeting in Maori. Maori is a village in New Zealand. He did especially well!

Dear Kaia:
How amazing! It is simply awesome that Kaia took all those glorious pictures and how she explained about each picture. I was really impressed with this. Her father is so proud of Kaia, which I am so glad to see. I have to thank Mr. Chamberlin and Dr. Strange for sharing such an eye opening blog. Kaia had great points about seeing things that may appear ugly but under the surface there is beauty to be found. Everyday is beautiful, even the ugly parts of our days. We must always find the positive (beauty) in every negative (ugly) situation. My favorite picture is the first one where Kaia is touching the ground. I find it so interesting. I especially enjoyed listening to Mr. Chamberlin's class comment on Kaia's post. It is great to see how technology is changing all around the world.

Click here to visit Mr.Chamberlin's blog

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Post for Sunday March 28th, 2010

Comments for Kids.
I commented on 2km's class blog. I commented on Student's at Assembly. This post was about an assembly that two of the students, Kobi and Tom, spoke the group of people. I know that talking in front of a bunch of people is scary, but it's well worth it. Also, a group of girls danced.

Morgan Bayda.
Morgan's post was great. I liked how she incorporated her thoughts about college and schools now. Dan Brown's video was very true in my opinion. I think that schools need to get on the ball and get technology literate. Students learn so much just by using the computers. Textbooks are rarely used anyway. They are wasting perfectly good trees for textbooks that are not even being used. And what is the point to that? I read most of Morgan's comments and it seemed like everyone had the same ideas as she did. I absolutely HATE listening to lectures, when I have my computer with me, I am usually on it either actually doing "school" assignments or likely playing around on Facebook. I am sure most other students are doing the same thing when they are listening to this boring teacher talk..."blah blah blah." But, as I have watched a video before about bringing laptops to class, it might scare you bringing one to class next time.Overall, I enjoyed reading Morgan's post and Dan's video.
Click here to see the video

Comments for Teachers

March 21st, 2010 -- Teaching the iGeneration
I was assigned to Mr. Bill Ferriter, he is a 6th grade teacher in Wake County, NC. This post was pretty intriguing. I found out that he has written one book and working on another book. The book that he is writing now is about the iGeneration. He explains that technology is found everywhere and that children are using technology more and more everyday. I can't wait to hear more about his thoughts.

March 28th, 2010 -- Learning from the Met: Great Expectations?
This post was very intense. Mr. Ferriter discussed how he switched schools from exceeding test scores to a school that prided in just meeting the test score goals. The school that he transferred to was high in poverty. He saw children come in hungry and much more, he has so much compassion to watch children in poverty and still want them to exceed his expectations. This post touched "home" for me.

March 31st, 2010 -- Blagojevich and Education's Sad Reality
This weeks post Mr. Ferriter was explaining his facination with reality T.V. shows from Cheaters to Celebrity Appretese. On Celebrity Apprentes they had stars from Sharon Osbourne to Rod Blagojevich. For one, I had no idea who this guy was, but now I do. Rod Blagojevich is an American politician who served as the 40th Governor of Illonis. In 2008, he was arrested for federal curption charges. Mr. Ferriter saw on the show was that Mr. Blagojevich couldn't even turn on a laptop and couldn't operate the internet. Mr. Blagojevich stated, " Come on, I was a governor of an entire state and a Congressman before that. I didn't need to do any work on the computer. I had employees who would do that for me." WOW! What a great politician. This was an interesting post to read.

click here

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March 12th, 2010 Post

Comments for Kids
I was assigned Kahlanie for this post. She is working on her past tense and recounting. She did really well with her past tense. When I was younger, I also had trouble with past tense, but with lots of practice I got it! I can't wait to hear more of her posts.

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) Click here to access ALEX is a great website to help teachers, new teachers, and the soon-to-be teachers learn about so many things. I first "googled" the Alabama Learning Exchange, and I clicked on the first link, which is the homepage, and I found it very user friendly. It was so simple! They have links to the different courses of study, such as Mathematics and Social Studies, other links include lesson plans and web links for more resources. Anyone can use this site because it is user friendly.
All you would have to do is go to google and in the search box type Alabama Learning Exchange and boom there is your link to click. ALEX, had links to the library and special education and many more. I found that this site was informative and user friendly. All the teachers and soon-to-be teachers need to at least visit this site.
The Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide (ACCESS)Click Here for ACCESS I found informative. I reviewed the powerpoint, and I liked how they incorporated their goals and accomplishments since 2006. I liked the goal about giving every high school student the opportunity to take at least one distant learning course, they want to increase this in 2010 by 45,000. That would be so beneficial for high school students. I also liked how they posted about their responsibilities of the LEA/school.
I enjoyed review this site and looking through this site. They have a test prep guide for AP tests for students. It was made available to get brochures for teachers and counselors. I feel that this site is a great advantage that many soon-to-be teachers or anyone else, may not know about. This is a great resource!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I finally used Skype!!! I was so excited that I finally got to use skype. I chatted with my cousin, Scott, who is serving in Iraq with the National Guard. He has been gone for a long time, but will be returning soon. I haven't seen him since October, which we had a huge going away party for him! Skype is a wonderful thing to have. If anyone knows of someone who is oversea's they can chat with them, and actually "see" them! My cousin looked wonderful and I was so happy I got to "see" him!!! I can't wait until he is back home! Overall, Skype is wonderful and I love it! :)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 7th, 2010 Assignment

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
I really enjoyed how Mr. Pausch explained things about his past, from his cancer to back when he was a child. I loved that he stated that "anything is possible". I personally love this quote because anything is possible, if you can dream it you can be it! I really liked how he pointed out his childhood dreams!!! I liked how he pointed out in his spill about football, it's all about the fundamentals. And also, "when your screwing up and nobody's saying anything to you anymore that means they gave up." I thought that was a great lesson to live by. Critics are the ones who still love and will never give up. "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted" this quote is true, and it encompasses everyone daily. How great is that he wrote in the encyclopedia! I found it funny when he said something about Wikipedia, when I just blogged about it the other day! :) Captain Kirk?! Well, I am really glad he showed a picture of this Captain Kirk, because I had no idea who he was!! Doesn't that make ya feel old?! :) Mr. Pausch actually met his idol, Mr. Captain Kirk! That would be awesome! I liked how he got to experience so many things that I'm sure he didn't think he'd actually get to meet. I found it amusing about all his stuffed animals that were brought out! I liked how he mentioned brick walls. Brick walls are not made to stop you they are there to see how you're going to climb over that wall. It reminds me of that Miley Cyrus song, The Climb! :) I am a huge Disney fan, he was an imagineer!! How amazing, I really enjoyed listening and watching his works on the Aladdin VR, which is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. He worked on so much virtual reality things for Disney! I liked how he tied back in to how great it is to be a professor, parents and students came to his class! I can't believe he had a class about virtual reality and he actually "performed" what they did. I'd have to say the "hello world" video was cute, but that bunny giggling got on my nerves! But how awesome is that to show people what college students learned! I really enjoyed the quote about being a salesman. What a great way to put it. Selling education, because once you have an education no one can take it away from you. Overall, I really enjoyed this video by Mr. Pausch because he pointed out so many important aspects. Mr. Pausch is an inspiration!

Comments for Kids
Whoops, I didn't realize that we were suppose to comment for kids in our blogpost each week! That's my bad! Well, I am starting this now...better late than never. This week I was assigned Diana D. Her blog was written February 24th and it was about dancing. I loved how Diana wrote about her interpretation of dancing and what it means to her! I personally love to dance, although I think (and I'm sure others do to) I personally SUCK at dancing! But, I love to make a fool of myself anyway! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Personal Learning Network
I am currently following Dr. Chamberlain on twitter. I also signed up for classroom 2.0. To be completely honest, so far nothing has helped me. Although, I really enjoy reading Dr. Chamberlain's post on twitter! I frequently visit Dr. Chamberlain's class blog just to see what is new and exciting for his students. Overall, I have not learned much, but I am sure I will!!

Click here

Comments for Teachers!

February 25th, 2010 -- Post about Wesley Fryer
I went to Wesley Fryer's post about Moving at the Speed of Creativity; he had a video on Skype. I was really intrigued by this video that he had posted. I recently used Skype about a week ago, I talked to my cousin who is overseas for the military. I was so happy that I was able to use it! This video actually helped me with Skype! I can't wait to talk & see my cousin again!

March 2nd, 2010 -- Embedding video on Wikispaces site
Yesterday Mr. Fryer posted a blog about embedding videos on wikispaces sites. He actually went in and took still frame shots of the site and he also gave us step-by-step directions on how do it. I find this very helpful. For those of us that are visual learners, this is a wonderful idea!

March 10th, 2010 -- A professor who takes laptop banning to far
WHOA!!! Ok, Mr. Fryer posted a video from Youtube about a professor who poured nitrogen on his laptop and then explained that nitrogen wouldn't harm the laptop but then he picked up the laptop and slammed it on the ground!!! WOW!! Most colleges encourage the usage of laptops in the classroom, I am not sure about high schools, etc, but I thought this professor took it a little too far. He should be embracing technology not smashing it. WOW, that's all I have left to say.

March 24th, 2010 -- Google Reader Play -- just in time for the iPad launch
In this blog Mr. Fryer explained and informed us about the Google Reader. I felt really behind in the times about this because I NEVER heard of the Google reader. Yes, I know, I am not too "up" on the technology. I really enjoyed reading Mr. Fryer's blog posts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 28th Blog Posts

Richard Miller: This is how we Dream
I really enjoyed watching Mr. Millers' videos. I liked how he used the many different aspects such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Although, listening to him wasn't so much what I wanted to listen to. He stated that when he had to research about Virginia Tech he said that he did all his research without the need of the library. This scares me a little because our libraries may not be as useful as they once were. I believe that libraries may become extinct one day, which is a sad thing to think about. Although, if all libraries had the funds to have different technology then I think they could have a real chance. Part one of This is how we dream was very interesting listening to Mr. Miller about the different sources and his ideas about the situation. When he said something about research online, online it lives on as a web base document. "...This is an incremental change not a fundamental page..." i liked this portion of his video because once something is on the web, it is on forever. The new approaches that Mr. Miller brought out was simply amazing. I liked it when he said that the ideas we have can be shared to everyone freely and globally. Multi media writing is a great idea to have. The many websites such as You Tube can offer so many people because a teacher can post his or her lecture onto you tube and everyone could view it. Creativity is the key! I do not think that I am personally ready for multi media writing but I am getting there. I hope that students now can understand this new need for multi-media writing. By the time I am a teacher, I feel that I will be ready and I hope that my future students are too!
The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler
I really enjoyed watching and listening to this video. I have a better understanding about PLNs. I really like their creativity in making this video. I would have never thought about doing something like that. I also learned about connective learning, it's amazing how much technology can offer. Connective learning can happen and is happening everywhere! I also liked the end of the video when he talked about the teacher and how she can help guide a student and making the right decisions for his or her future. Even though, technology is growing and its helping people do things independently we still need teachers to help us work around this new and improved technology. I feel that I will be more prepared for the networking student when I have successfully completed this class!!

Michael Wesch -- Toward a New Future of Whatever
The first point that I liked was that "Media is ecology...Media are not just tools..." I liked this because ecology is the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Media is interacting with many people throughout the world, so in a way Mr. Michael is correct, in my opinion. I really liked the quote by Marshall McLuhan, "We shape our tools, and therefore our tools shape us."
I also enjoyed the quote about American Idol, but when he later announced that that quote was written in 1926. I think it still holds true today. I enjoyed his history of "whatever" also. I thought it was funny how incorporated "The Simpson's" to help explain the word "meh". Some of the things Mr. Wesch said I agreed with because the future is new and whatever. The future is what you make your present about now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 21st Blog Posts

Dr. Christie's Site
I began exploring Dr. Christie's website with the "We are all co-learners" video. I really enjoyed the different student's and Dr. Christies statements about their interning and their thoughts about incorporating technology in the classroom. I really liked the part where it stated, students and adults are learning together; I found it enlightening when one of the teachers said that she learned something about photo shop that she had forgotten that previous year, and an intern helped her with it. So, even if your "older" you can still learn the technology!!
I further explored Dr. Christie's Constructivist Learning Resource page and the first thing I read was the very first bullet that stated, "
Learning is an active process facilitated by an environment that encourages: risk-taking, creative thinking, and critical thinking." I couldn't agree more! I loved the art below the listed bullets about Our Sole Design, what a great idea! I found Dr. Christies' website easy to follow, unlike some other websites that I have visited in the past, it had some great features. I really enjoyed visiting this website, and I will definitely be visiting this in the future!

I Tunes University
I explored I Tunes University, I found this very awkward at first because hello, this is on I tunes made for ipods, etc. I guess it's just me that found it awkward, but after I started looking around at the different podcasts and such I found it very helpful. I looked at the link with Teaching and Education and found many different podcasts that were actually very informative. I looked at the different universities that are using I tunes U, and I looked at the University of Alabama and I clicked on the movie about the "ABC's of Education: School Bus Safety," I just found it amazing that the University of Alabama is using I Tunes U, how great is that!
click here to visit the University of Alabama
I think that Itunes U could definitely be a useful tool in the classroom because a teacher could post their lectures for the students that miss class that day, if they want to and if they care. It could incorporate the different learning styles of the students as well. I am a visual and kinesthetic learner so show me how visually and then let me do it! I thought this was a very useful tool to be used, now that I am a student as well as in the future as I will become a teacher. Technology is amazing and it has so much to offer!

The Use of school!
Click Here to visit Duke ipod First Year Experience. I googled this topic and I found this article about Duke University incorporating ipods in their school. How great is this that we can listen to ipods and still learn the material! Even engineer majors used ipods for some of their courses. If we could get all colleges to do this, think of how much money the students would save (kind of) with NOT having to BUY useless textbooks that some students NEVER use!!! Although, the price would be that either the schools would have to require students to have ipods and such or the school would have to provide such technology to each student, which could in time be costly. But, if learning is happening, would it necessarily be a bad thing?

Check this link out.
I found this article and I found it very interesting about the usage of ipods at Duke University! 280 students used ipods in 19 courses, this is such a remarkable thing that is happening!! I wish I could go to Duke University just so I could try using my ipod as a way to learn! Fall of 2009, Duke University issued about 1,600 pre-loaded ipods with orientation information to the first year students, what a great idea, instead of a BORING orientation, you can listen and watch orientation on ipods. I cannot express how wonderful this idea is. I think more schools need to catch up with Duke University with the use of technology!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 5 Assignment

NPR Blog on Wikipedia
I enjoyed this blog post because everyone I know warns me about Wikipedia, and how some things may or may not be fact. I haven't found many untrue statements, but I do not use Wikipedia for that reason. Even college professors tell their students not to even use Wikipedia because they have found untrue posts.
I enjoyed the part where he wrote about anyone can edit things on Wikipedia. I actually did not know you could go in and edit posts. I found it ironic that the people in politics could change what others wrote about. Such as, if their opponent wrote something about the other then that politician could just go in and edit. The internet ceases to amaze me at times.

NPR Article on Wikipedia
This article was similar to NPR Blog on Wikipedia. I did enjoy reading this article though, it had more of an insight about Wikipedia, I thought. Like I have mentioned before, I do not use Wikipedia for the simple fact that not everything you read is true. I did find it interesting about the scanner of the documents to make sure that the statements are true.
I also liked the fact that with the scanner it will provide who wrote the articles on Wikipedia. Anonymous isn't so anonymous after all. I listened to this article also, I really enjoyed their chat. It was amazing that a college student came up with the idea of the scanner! Wikipedia in my opinion is untrue facts and anyone can update the posts.

It is a fact that anyone can update Wikipedia at anytime and any day. So, how is this fair, because if Wikipedia is really an online encyclopedia then why can we not change or delete entry's in our current encyclopedia (the books)? Hello, it costs too much money to keep producing entries. It is not fair to keep editing and/or deleting information that that anonymous person doesn't want anyone to know about. It is setting the image of they are hiding something.
34.4 million edits on Wikipedia! WOW!!! It's astounding how many big corporations have edited posts on Wikipedia! Virgil Griffith is so talented to come up with the scanner and show how many different edited posts and how many times!
"Everything's better if you do it on a huge scale, and automate it," he says with a grin, I really liked this statement because I think it holds some truth. I don't think Wikipedia could ever be trusted because how are we suppose to know the truth about a specific topic.

"What I've learned this year"
I liked how Mr. McClung discussed the different aspects of his teaching. I really liked the section about how to read the crowd. Many teachers, even in college, loose sight as how they are not student focused just how the content is delivered. Key component is to be flexible, I couldn't agree more! I am one of those perfectionist and I have learned that not everything goes as "perfect" as I would have wished it could have gone, but that is the beauty of teaching. Teachers must must must be flexible.
Communications...what can you say about that, it is a must just like being flexible. You cannot resolve a problem without communicating with that person and dealing with the problem. All teachers need to set expectations for the children and also for themselves, but those expectations needs to be realistic. I loved the statement Mr. McClung used, "Technology is our friend..." we cannot function without learning about technology, it's forever improving and we must improve with it! Another important key, never stop learning. Many teachers, even in college, stopped learning because they simply didn't want to learn anymore. I believe knowledge is power. (Thanks to School House Rock!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 4 Assignment

Benefits of Podcasting in the classroom
I thought this podcast was very informative. I really liked hearing the different statistics about the "Millenial" children learning on their own computers, etc. I think that podcasts are a great new way of learning for children and adults. They can listen to the lecture at any given time. So, if the student doesn't grasp the concept in the classroom, they can listen to it again later to understand the concept.
I especially like the part where he says "it's a way for creativity..." I think it's a wonderful idea for children to express their creativity for others to enjoy. I think that podcast are a great way for children to not only express their creativity, but to learn about the various things in the world. I liked to fact that he used a sick child that needed to know what was being on the big test coming up, but with a podcast she was able to study for the test. How great is that!

Eagles Nest Radio
Can you believe that these are real kids doing a podcast? Maybe I am just too amazed by this, considering I am 22 years old and I have no idea how to do a podcast (yet). These children are so smart to use technology, such as a podcast, to do a history project! I am just so amazed by this!! Trey, I thought, did a great job explaining the gladiators!
Jackson had a fun, energetic voice when he told me about the gladiators. I actually learned something! WOW! I really wish I was introduced to podcasts and the various technology when I was a child! I enjoyed the history spotlight with Mark! I found this podcast very entertaining and I learned more in this podcast then I have in all my history classes, that should tell you something!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 3 Assignment

Media Literacy in the First Grade
I have to start off saying, "WOW!" These are really first graders in this video and they are using blogs!!! How exciting! When I was in first grade, I did not even know what a computer was. It is truly amazing how much time has changed from then to now. I find it amusing that first graders are more technologically literate than most adults in today's world.
The children that were in the video were knowledgeable about the different topics and they explain what media literate meant. I enjoyed this video, I liked how they used different children to express different topics and how it related to today's world. It goes to show how much technology is changing and how we all need to adapt.

Little Kids... Big Potential
How amazing is it that children are learning via technology!! I enjoyed the part of the video about the children using the smart board, teachers that I am currently taking are scared of the smart board, and yet these children are using it as if it is nothing. How great is that!!! These children are using so many things such as wikis. The teachers that are including all this new technology are such an inspiration to me.
Not only is it keeping up with the time, it is helping children learn in a different approach. Of course, I enjoyed this video, I was impressed at the knowledge all these children had about the new technology such as Skype. I think if teachers now embraced this new change, then their students would actually want to come to school to learn. I know if I were still in elementary school and I had a class where we used Nintendo DS, I would absolutely love coming to class! Overall, I thought this video was inspiring! I want to be one of those teachers!!!

Smart Board Lessons
I thought this podcast was interesting. This is my first podcast that I have ever listened to, so of course this is new to me. I thought it was really awesome how technology has changed. I found it rather boring at first, but I am looking forward to listening to the other podcasts.

I liked the beginning of the podcast because it was upbeat and it kept me entertained. I found this podcast very informative. I thought he handled the different questions very well. I actually enjoyed listening to this podcast, I thought he help me, personally, with the basics of a podcast. I liked how he stated about "that the teachers need to be proactive." This is a very important goal for teachers to take.

I liked the introductions with this podcast because he answered some of my questions, amazingly. I really enjoyed listening to the other librarians with their insights on pod-casting. I liked the way he moved around the room to get to the other librarians about certain issues such as book talking. Some of the librarians talked about expanding their podcast to different cultures, such as the Spanish speaking students. Some teachers actually bought some ipod shuffles, how great is it that students can listen to pod casts on ipod shuffles.

I found it interesting that Robert actually interviewed Danielle and Marley about pod casting. It just goes to show, someone could use a podcast in various ways. This podcast was very informative. I liked that Danielle explained the social relationships through pod casting. Danielle even used Net Flicks as a teaching tools. I liked that fact that Robert explained micromanaging in classrooms; to sum it up he was talking about that a teacher needs to be in the classroom but to let the students do the work.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 2 Assignment

A Vision of Students Today
I really enjoyed this video about the average college student. I must agree with majority of what the students said, well wrote. College is tough, especially when you have to work or a family. I would say this video shows a glimpse of what college appears to be. I especially liked the girl who showed what she wrote about "18% of my teachers know my name," I find that true because some of the basic courses, such as a history, is filled with 100 or more students and how is one person suppose to know 100+ students names.
I went to Mississippi State University as soon as I graduated from high school; when I attended, all the classes that I had were filled at least with 200 students. It was really hard to understand what the teacher was talking about in class, and in my opinion, the teacher did not care if you passed the course or not. At MSU, they did not use chalk boards at all, it was all done by lecture or power point. I am not sure if I could add anything else to this video other than, using more than one camera, because I felt a little dizzy after! As I stated earlier, I really enjoyed this video, I thought it gave a good in-sight of what a typical college setting is.

"It's Not About the Technology"
I was intrigued by this article because it demonstrates what teachers need to know and what future teachers need to know. Mrs. Hines made some really strong points, the point that stuck out in my mind was "Teachers must be Learners" because there are not many teachers that are learners. Some just do not want to learn any more because of the schooling that they have had. But, a person never stops learning. Technology is now and the future, teachers as well as students need to embrace it.
Teachers need to teach technology to their students, as well as the students teaching the teacher about technology. Good teachers need to enlighten their students with the enjoyment of technology. I believe that majority of the schools need a program or seminar to teach the teachers how to use the various technological equipment and how to teach the teachers how to teach it to students. We need good technical savvy teachers in our classrooms. I really enjoyed this article.

Is It Okay to Be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
This article was very informative. I was enlightened with Mr. Fischs' thoughts about technologically illiterate teachers. I believe that if a teacher wants to teach anything, including technology, they must want to teach it, learn about it and want to learn more about the subject. In my opinion if a teacher just has to teach students about technology, even though they do not want to, it is a double standard. Teachers want the student to be interested in it, when they, the teachers, are not interested.
I feel that all teachers should be technologically literate. Technology is here today, tomorrow and in the future, so get use to it. If a teacher does not want to acquire the skills about technology then that teacher needs to change their profession. When a teacher does not include technology in their classroom, the students are the one who are being jeopardized. Overall, I was really intrigued with this article.

Gary's Social Media Count
One word, WOW! It is so crazy how much can happen in a second. When I first clicked on the link for the social media count, it started out as 80 something new blogs and now it is almost 3000 new blogs. It just goes to show that everyone, well almost everyone, is using technology. I wonder what would happen if all of sudden computers, phones, etc just magically shut down? I know I would freak out, I depend on my computer for just about everything.
Teaching is changing so much because of technology. I think it is up to the teacher to stay updated with the new and improved technology, as well as schools. Children need to be technologically literate, as in Mr. Fisch's article. Technology is never ending! As I am bringing this blog to a close, the number of new blogs is 6000!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week One Assignment

Did You Know?

WOW! I was completely shocked at all those statements within the video. I had no idea how much things can change in a matter of seconds. I especially liked the statement about "There are 31 billion searches on Google every month." Technology has offered us so much in the recent years and once we learn this new technology, it seems we have to learn it again because that particular item is outdated.

I was also intrigued to know about "The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010...did not exist in 2004." That statement alone tells me that everything as we know now is/will be or has already changed. This video had some quick, fun facts that anyone could enjoy knowing. I would definitely recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn. Overall, I thought this video was an eye opener for different age groups of people.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

This video makes a lot of sense about technology. Technology is everywhere, hospitals, businesses, some schools. It was disappointing to me about the computer in the classroom that was not being used because I feel that since technology, especially computers, are everywhere we greatly need them within our schools. I feel that education needs to step it up because technological changes are being made daily. When I was first introduced to a computer, I have to admit I was a little scared, but after working on it and learning what it could do, a computer has so much to offer.

Schools need computers in every classroom if not for every student. Some schools do have computers in the classrooms, but I wonder if the teachers let the students use them to learn. When I become a teacher, my students will know how to work and learn on a computer. If it was not for change in technology we wouldn't be where we are today. This time is growing rapidly and we must change. The world is constantly changing, we cannot stop this so either change along with it or stay behind. Technology is our friends.

Sir Ken Robinson

Creativity was the main focus of this video, which is an important tool in education in my opinion. I thought many of the things he said was true because if you think about it, education in our schools is becoming less and less creative and more routine. Children are growing and using less and less of their creative side. I agree with Mr. Robinson about "we grow out of our creativity." Schools need to incorporate more creative activities for children as well as the teachers. As adults, we do not like making mistakes, and most do not like to admit if they are wrong, children on the other hand, they do not mind making mistakes or admitting it, they learn from those mistakes.

Mr. Robinson stated that "every school has the same hierarchy of subjects," I must agree because more and more schools focus and stress the other subjects rather than music and art. Most schools start decreasing funds for music and art departments, when I feel that those subjects are part of the core of an educational learning experience. Creativity is just as important as the other subjects in school. I really enjoyed this video, but I have to admit, I was really dreading watching it. I learned a lot in this video and I believe that many of the points that Mr. Robinson said are true.

Vicki Davis

This video kind of reminded me of my first day in EDM 310, which was Tuesday. A lot of the points that Mrs. Davis said, was similar to Dr. Stranges' statements. I liked when Mrs. Davis said she wants her students to "get comfortable with technology." That is such a great way to network with students and let the students work together with others. Not all subjects in school need to have the routine of textbook and taking notes. I wonder if teachers ever think that majority of the time most students are not really paying attention to them?

I really enjoyed this video, I especially liked it when she talked about customizing her lesson plan to still meet the requirements of teaching this course. She customized it so that there could be more interacts between students and teachers. The statement that Mrs. Davis said that really inspired me to become a better teacher was to "empower students..." Overall, this video was a wonderful way to incorporate many new technology into a classroom setting and I believe that students, children as well as adults will enjoy.