Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 28th Blog Posts

Richard Miller: This is how we Dream
I really enjoyed watching Mr. Millers' videos. I liked how he used the many different aspects such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Although, listening to him wasn't so much what I wanted to listen to. He stated that when he had to research about Virginia Tech he said that he did all his research without the need of the library. This scares me a little because our libraries may not be as useful as they once were. I believe that libraries may become extinct one day, which is a sad thing to think about. Although, if all libraries had the funds to have different technology then I think they could have a real chance. Part one of This is how we dream was very interesting listening to Mr. Miller about the different sources and his ideas about the situation. When he said something about research online, online it lives on as a web base document. "...This is an incremental change not a fundamental page..." i liked this portion of his video because once something is on the web, it is on forever. The new approaches that Mr. Miller brought out was simply amazing. I liked it when he said that the ideas we have can be shared to everyone freely and globally. Multi media writing is a great idea to have. The many websites such as You Tube can offer so many people because a teacher can post his or her lecture onto you tube and everyone could view it. Creativity is the key! I do not think that I am personally ready for multi media writing but I am getting there. I hope that students now can understand this new need for multi-media writing. By the time I am a teacher, I feel that I will be ready and I hope that my future students are too!
The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler
I really enjoyed watching and listening to this video. I have a better understanding about PLNs. I really like their creativity in making this video. I would have never thought about doing something like that. I also learned about connective learning, it's amazing how much technology can offer. Connective learning can happen and is happening everywhere! I also liked the end of the video when he talked about the teacher and how she can help guide a student and making the right decisions for his or her future. Even though, technology is growing and its helping people do things independently we still need teachers to help us work around this new and improved technology. I feel that I will be more prepared for the networking student when I have successfully completed this class!!

Michael Wesch -- Toward a New Future of Whatever
The first point that I liked was that "Media is ecology...Media are not just tools..." I liked this because ecology is the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Media is interacting with many people throughout the world, so in a way Mr. Michael is correct, in my opinion. I really liked the quote by Marshall McLuhan, "We shape our tools, and therefore our tools shape us."
I also enjoyed the quote about American Idol, but when he later announced that that quote was written in 1926. I think it still holds true today. I enjoyed his history of "whatever" also. I thought it was funny how incorporated "The Simpson's" to help explain the word "meh". Some of the things Mr. Wesch said I agreed with because the future is new and whatever. The future is what you make your present about now.


  1. I agree with you on the whole library thing. It seems now that there are so many different places to find information. It is scary to think that one day, libraries may not be used at all. Of course, this may never happen, but back in the day a library was the only place you could get books, encyclopedias, and just information in general. This is just a small way to show that technology is becoming more powerful and popular.

  2. Katie,

    I enjoyed the Networked Student also. I think it is great how students can create their own virtual textbook, and I definitely believe this makes them grow as students. My only concern was the importance of the teacher. They said that the teacher is there to inform and help research, but I want to do more with my students. I decided that I simply have to find a balance.

  3. I assigned Dr. Miller's post not for the specific content but rather to demonstrate a technique of writing in the future. Often as teachers we have to go beyond our preferred content!

  4. I agree with you on whole thing. I think my your blog pretty much sums mine up as well! great job!