Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 4 Assignment

Benefits of Podcasting in the classroom
I thought this podcast was very informative. I really liked hearing the different statistics about the "Millenial" children learning on their own computers, etc. I think that podcasts are a great new way of learning for children and adults. They can listen to the lecture at any given time. So, if the student doesn't grasp the concept in the classroom, they can listen to it again later to understand the concept.
I especially like the part where he says "it's a way for creativity..." I think it's a wonderful idea for children to express their creativity for others to enjoy. I think that podcast are a great way for children to not only express their creativity, but to learn about the various things in the world. I liked to fact that he used a sick child that needed to know what was being on the big test coming up, but with a podcast she was able to study for the test. How great is that!

Eagles Nest Radio
Can you believe that these are real kids doing a podcast? Maybe I am just too amazed by this, considering I am 22 years old and I have no idea how to do a podcast (yet). These children are so smart to use technology, such as a podcast, to do a history project! I am just so amazed by this!! Trey, I thought, did a great job explaining the gladiators!
Jackson had a fun, energetic voice when he told me about the gladiators. I actually learned something! WOW! I really wish I was introduced to podcasts and the various technology when I was a child! I enjoyed the history spotlight with Mark! I found this podcast very entertaining and I learned more in this podcast then I have in all my history classes, that should tell you something!


  1. You did not comment on the videos from Ms. Cassidy's class. This assignment was made on the class blog on January 22. Are you reading the class blog regularly (every day)? You must!
    Plan, Prepare, Practice=Podcast

  2. Eagles' Nest is one of my favorites. Who Dat!