Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 12th, 2010 Post

Comments for Kids
I was assigned Kahlanie for this post. She is working on her past tense and recounting. She did really well with her past tense. When I was younger, I also had trouble with past tense, but with lots of practice I got it! I can't wait to hear more of her posts.

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) Click here to access ALEX is a great website to help teachers, new teachers, and the soon-to-be teachers learn about so many things. I first "googled" the Alabama Learning Exchange, and I clicked on the first link, which is the homepage, and I found it very user friendly. It was so simple! They have links to the different courses of study, such as Mathematics and Social Studies, other links include lesson plans and web links for more resources. Anyone can use this site because it is user friendly.
All you would have to do is go to google and in the search box type Alabama Learning Exchange and boom there is your link to click. ALEX, had links to the library and special education and many more. I found that this site was informative and user friendly. All the teachers and soon-to-be teachers need to at least visit this site.
The Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide (ACCESS)Click Here for ACCESS I found informative. I reviewed the powerpoint, and I liked how they incorporated their goals and accomplishments since 2006. I liked the goal about giving every high school student the opportunity to take at least one distant learning course, they want to increase this in 2010 by 45,000. That would be so beneficial for high school students. I also liked how they posted about their responsibilities of the LEA/school.
I enjoyed review this site and looking through this site. They have a test prep guide for AP tests for students. It was made available to get brochures for teachers and counselors. I feel that this site is a great advantage that many soon-to-be teachers or anyone else, may not know about. This is a great resource!!!


  1. Katie,

    I also googled ALEX and found the home page. This site is really beneficial for teachers. I am going to bookmark this site so I can use it in the future as well. I like that the Alabama Course of Study is at your fingertips!

  2. I love that ALEX is there for us future educators to use. I have used it already in a few of my classes and it is SO helpful. I also think that it is so simple to use to anyone can get help from it. Good thoughts!