Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post for April 4th, 2010

Comments for Kids
This week I left a comment for Sione. This was his first blog of the year! He did a mihi in Maori. This is a formal greeting in Maori. Maori is a village in New Zealand. He did especially well!

Dear Kaia:
How amazing! It is simply awesome that Kaia took all those glorious pictures and how she explained about each picture. I was really impressed with this. Her father is so proud of Kaia, which I am so glad to see. I have to thank Mr. Chamberlin and Dr. Strange for sharing such an eye opening blog. Kaia had great points about seeing things that may appear ugly but under the surface there is beauty to be found. Everyday is beautiful, even the ugly parts of our days. We must always find the positive (beauty) in every negative (ugly) situation. My favorite picture is the first one where Kaia is touching the ground. I find it so interesting. I especially enjoyed listening to Mr. Chamberlin's class comment on Kaia's post. It is great to see how technology is changing all around the world.

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  1. Maori is a culture - "indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand (Aotearoa)" It may also be a city, but the important thing is that it is a culture.

  2. Kaia is truly an inspiration! It is amazing what her father has enabled her to do through the internet. He has given Kaia an incredible voice. I hope I am able to give my children the same opportunities as Kaia's dad.

  3. In addition to Katie's comments, I found the exchange fascinating as it's a powerful example of how we as people can have so much in common, no matter where we are from. I also loved the inspiration her educator father has brought by giving Kaia this way of expressing herself and then making the effort with Mr. Chamberlain and his students to take this to a new level.

    Great blog, Katie!