Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post for Sunday March 28th, 2010

Comments for Kids.
I commented on 2km's class blog. I commented on Student's at Assembly. This post was about an assembly that two of the students, Kobi and Tom, spoke the group of people. I know that talking in front of a bunch of people is scary, but it's well worth it. Also, a group of girls danced.

Morgan Bayda.
Morgan's post was great. I liked how she incorporated her thoughts about college and schools now. Dan Brown's video was very true in my opinion. I think that schools need to get on the ball and get technology literate. Students learn so much just by using the computers. Textbooks are rarely used anyway. They are wasting perfectly good trees for textbooks that are not even being used. And what is the point to that? I read most of Morgan's comments and it seemed like everyone had the same ideas as she did. I absolutely HATE listening to lectures, when I have my computer with me, I am usually on it either actually doing "school" assignments or likely playing around on Facebook. I am sure most other students are doing the same thing when they are listening to this boring teacher talk..."blah blah blah." But, as I have watched a video before about bringing laptops to class, it might scare you bringing one to class next time.Overall, I enjoyed reading Morgan's post and Dan's video.
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  1. Katie wrote:

    I absolutely HATE listening to lectures, when I have my computer with me, I am usually on it either actually doing "school" assignments or likely playing around on Facebook

    This is an interesting line, Katie....I wonder why so many teachers rely on lectures as a primary method of content delivery.

    Do you think it has any connection to the curriculum?

    I know that in my classroom, when I slip into hardcore lecture mode, it's because I have a massive amount of content to cover before the end of grade exams and if I don't lecture, I won't be able to "get it all in."

    Which raises another moral question: As a teacher, should I commit myself to covering an impossible curriculum or commit myself to making sure that students learn something?

    Would your answer change if you were working in a wealthy suburban school? A high poverty urban school? A teacher with tenure?

    How fair is it that your answer would be different depending on where you teach or how many years of experience you have? Shouldn't every child have access to the same kinds of learning experiences?

    This teaching gig ain't easy!
    Bill Ferriter

  2. Katie,
    I agree with you. Schools do need to stay current with it's surroundings. I graduated from South in 05 and it seems as though most of the classes have not changed a bit. I took EDM310 in 2005 as well but it really has changed, for the better. We did not do all of the things we are doing and learning with Dr. Strange.

  3. Katie,
    I also completely agree with you. Teacher should put themselves back in those desks and think about how they would want to be taught. I can guarantee only a small handful of teachers would want to be lectured day after day. I understand that sometimes lectures are necessary, but when they are presented day after day, they can be extremely unmotivating especially to students of different majors.