Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Post for April 18th, 2010

EDM 310
I have enjoyed my time in EDM 310. I learned so much from blogging to podcast. I really liked commenting on children's blogs. I find it so amazing that children from all over the world are using blogs to inform everyone about their classes, etc. I have to say, when I first registered for this class I was not expecting to learn anything and I thought that it was another "how to use a computer" class. Although, my expectations were totally wrong. I am glad I was finally able to use Skype. Since then, I have Skype on my phone, which I still haven't figured out yet, but when I do, you better believe that I will be using it! I have learned so much in this class its unbelievable! I have to admit that I feel that there are way too many assignments for a full time student and part time worker. But, I will get it all done! Overall, I learned many things that I will take with me in the future and I hope to engage students with technology such as blogging in the future.

Comments for Kids
This week I commented on Darius. Darius shared with us that he was in the first rugby game for the season! His team also won! How wonderful! He shared with us a video of some of the game! Although, I wish what rugby was it looked like it was a tough sport! :)
Click to see Darius' Blog

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