Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Blog Assignment

Final Blog

Before I entered this class, I thought this class was going to "learn/use" the computer including such things as Microsoft. Seeing how I already knew how to "use" my computer and seeing how I already took a computer class prior, I was uninterested in this class. My expectations were this class was "bogus." I soon realized that EDM 310 was nothing of the sorts. I have learned so much in this class from Blogging to making movies. In fact, I am going to set up a blog for my job, CASA. Although, blogging was time consuming, I was intrigued by blogging.
I enjoyed using Google Docs. I didn't know Google Docs even existed! Google Docs is something that I will use in the future either as a teacher or in my current job. I didn't like Twitter at all. I found it very wasteful. I am just a Facebooker kinda gal! I enjoyed commenting on kids, classmates and teachers. My favorite was the comments for kids. I loved how I could comment on a child's blog and they could read it. I had one of my "comments for teachers" comment on my blog and I was totally psyched about it. I told my mom that a teacher actually commented on MY BLOG!!! Yeah, that's the school girl in me coming out!
I didn't really like the whole podcast thing, but I did like the video cast. I thought the video cast could be useful in the future. I look forward to incorporating video cast and blogging in my future classroom. I felt as if we had A LOT of assignments due, but at the same time I understand that we needed the assignments. I learned a lot about different resources, such as ALEX & ACCESS, and those will be useful as I become a future educator. iTunes & iTunes U were simply wonderful. I didn't know iTunes U even existed (once again). I think iTunes U will be a great resource as well.
I had a lot of problems with Google Earth, mainly trying to embed it into my blog but it finally worked. I showed my dad Google Earth, when I was working on it, and since then he has used it for business purposes. In general, I've learned so much in this class that I honestly had no idea was out there. I've learned how to edit pictures, blogs, Google (Earth, Docs, Gmail, etc.) and many more items. I feel that we should have learned more about Smartboards. I am completely in the "blue" about Smartboards.
I wish I didn't learn about Twitter. I do not like Twitter. I do not find the interest in Twitter. I was really uninterested in what Twitter is all about. I understand the importance of some of the information on Twitter but it is uninterested to me. I will forget Twitter because I did not enjoy it at all. If I wanted to read about different things posted through Twitter, I would use Google to search for that blog.
As I stated before, I thought this class was going to be bogus, but I really enjoyed my time in this class. I thought majority of the things I learned in this class were useful. I liked learning the different tools and techniques to use in the classroom. I am always looking for new ways to improve. I want to be a teacher that is "up" on technology and incorporating technology into the classroom setting. I hope the school world is ready!
There were things that I thought we intellectually challenging just because I had no idea what kind of technology was out there. I thought blogging was challenging but it is only because I was unsure that I wanted my opinions out for the whole entire world to read. But, that is over with now!
Boredom never came to mind while in this class. There is always something new Dr. Strange is talking about. I don't think that I would change anything in this course other than not requiring a student to use Twitter. I felt the workload was a lot but if you didn't procrastinate the work load wouldn't be so intimidating. I think I am technology literate in some degree. I do not know many things but it is encouraging to learn about the different technologies.
I want to continue learning about technology now, when I graduate and when I am a teacher. Learning is the only way to know the different technologies that is available, some for free, to us that no one may know what is there. Often the students know more than the teachers. The teachers just want to get by with the traditional way, well I have some news, the traditional way is good but learning different techniques (such as blogging) the children may benefit more! After all, it's all about the children.

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  1. And I was going to invite you to give a stirring talk on the merits of Twitter for next fall's class. We could do a videocast which you like! But alas, another Strange idea dashed!

    Glad you learned so much and the course was not bogus.

    Best wishes as you continue your learning adventures! Thank you for your many contributions to the class!