Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 13 Blog Post

Comments for Kids
I commented on "Happy Easter" blog post. The children were on holiday they are going to start a new term on April 19th. They had photo's on the blog from Room Ten. I can't wait to see and read more about the upcoming term!
Dr. Seuss -- The Zax
I loved this video. It goes to show that being stubborn doesn't get you anywhere. Change is a good thing, we must accept change. Some teachers that I had in the past years have been stubborn and it seemed like they didn't care about the student's learning, which is a horrible thing those teachers need to get off their high horse and change. Change happens everywhere, get use to it.

Another PS 22 Video
WOW!! What a heartfelt video this was. The children sang "Landslide" by Fletwood Mac. I love this song!! It is important to publish blog post to the world because people can read and interprit their own meanings of each post. It also gives the bloggers a way to "vent" about issues in the world. It's a great way to spread the word about many issues. One example that I found is

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Another example is found here in this video
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This video is one that we were assigned one week! I really enjoyed this video and thought that it would help with this assignment. It is important to blog for so many reasons. In the teachers' blog that I was assigned to for Weeks 13 & 14, she talked about how parents are commenting on their child's blog as well as other children's blogs. She talked about how the children enjoy writing now because they have an audience! I think this is the best tool for teachers now!

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  1. Change is a necessary part of life, unfortunately too many of us are afraid of it. Keep up the good work!